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Construction Services

Let the expertise of Norwood Enterprise, LLC be put to work for you.  Norwood Enterprise, LLC offers the following construction, marine construction and contracting services:
bulletmechanical and hydraulic dredging
bulletseawall repair and installation
bulletdock installation and repair
bulletportable welding (MIG, TIG, ARC)
bulletland leveling
bulletland clearing
bulletin ground and above ground pool removal
bulletcement breaking and removal
bulletcement laying
bulletbrick paving
bulletand more...

Below are samples of our past and present projects.



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Hydraulic Dredging


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Seawall Repair and Installation

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Marina Dock Installation and Repair

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Portable Welding (MIG, TIG, ARC)

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Cement Work

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Grading and Landscaping

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Sectional Barges 
Our sectional barges go where most barges can't.   Our barges may be used in shallow water and as a bridge for equipment.  They are easily transported to the jobsite by land.  

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