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Welding, Fabricating, Prototype, Design Services

Let the expertise of Norwood Enterprise, LLC be put to work for you.  Norwood Enterprise, LLC offers welding, fabricating, engineering, design and prototype services.  Below are samples of our past and present projects.

bullet We have fabricated machinery such as Norwood Powers Screens™.  The screens are custom fabricated screens used in the Sciences of Archaeology, Geology, Paleontology, Forensics, and Law Enforcement. Norwood Power Screens™ custom laboratory model was delivered on August 21, 2000 to the Hunley Research Center in Charleston, SC.  The machine is screening through the priceless wreckage of the historic SS Hunley submarine. 

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bulletWe hold numerous patents involving our Module Wiper System.  The system allows for extra room under the hood, easy assembly, and reduced costs.  The system has been marketed to Trico Products, Valeo Wiper Systems, and Robert Bosch Corporation.

wpe02867.gif (134636 bytes)

bulletCustom marina dock hinges were designed for the prestigious Mac Ray Harbor in Harrison Township, Michigan.  The custom marina hinges will replace hundreds of damaged aluminum dock hinges.  

    macray hinge.jpg (148743 bytes)

bulletOur custom Marina Seawall Patches saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for the owner of Harbor Club South Marina in Harrison Township, Michigan. 

  welded seawall.jpg (157573 bytes) green seawall.jpg (113650 bytes)
bulletSeparately, our custom sectional barges fit snugly on the bed of a semi truck.  Together, they hold and transport tons of equipment and materials. 

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